The Evesham Township Police Department (ETPD) would like to make all township residents aware of the increasing frequency of nationwide fraud scams/schemes directly related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the scams seek to spread disinformation about COVID-19 in an attempt to gain victims personal or financial information.
The ETPD has compiled a list below of the most common COVID-19 fraud scams to make you better aware and able to prevent becoming a victim of fraud.
Common COVID-19 Related Fraud Schemes
* Stimulus/Bank Loan Fraud– These scams may take the form of phone calls asking for personal information in exchange for a stimulus check. You may even receive a fake check which requires you to provide personal information to “verify” the check.
* COVID-19 Malicious E-mails– E-mails are being sent with information related to COVID-19 and appearing to be from a legitimate source. However, they often trick the recipient to download malware or provide personal information.
* Online Sales of Fake Protective Equipment– Fake websites are being set-up online selling protective masks, gloves, test kits and other equipment. Some of the sites may appear like a legitimate website but have a different URL (such as .com instead of .gov).
* Government/Provider Scams– Scammers are contacting individuals by phone/e-mail or even in person and attempt to convince them that money is needed for COVID-19 related testing. Some scammers have even reportedly called as healthcare providers stating a family member has COVID-19 and money/information is needed for treatment.
* Always verify the identity of any individual contacting you regarding COVID-19.
*Do not click or open e-mails or attachments from any unknown source.