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Training Bureau Commander - Lieutenant Dan Burdette

Training Bureau Commander - Lieutenant Dan Burdette

Under the supervision of Lieutenant Dan Burdette, the Training Bureau is responsible for ensuring that the officers of the Evesham Township Police Department have the most up to date training including in-service training, roll call training and our field training program. Officers in the agency participate in continuing education programs and instruction on a daily basis as part of their career advancement and service to the community. Officers receive in-service training prepared by the Training Bureau as well as attending sessions at outside agencies and police academies. The Evesham Police Department strives to provide our officers with the most updated, advanced and efficient means of receiving training on changes in law and procedures as well at the changes in society and the needs of the community.

Lieutenant Dan Burdette has been serving Evesham Township for 18 years. Prior to serving as the Training Bureau Commander, he has been a Patrol Bureau Commander, Investigative Bureau Supervisor, K9 Unit Supervisor, Traffic Officer, K9 Officer, Special Response Team Officer, ATV Operator, Resiliency Officer, Humane Law Enforcement Officer and a Patrol Officer.

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