4th of July Event Details

4th of July Parking

4th of July Parking Details:

Parking will be provided for placard holders only

* Main Street will be shut down between Elmwood Road and Radnor Boulevard at 7pm and will be closed until approximately midnight.

* Placard card holders may enter Main Street through Radnor Boulevard or Elmwood Road during this time. 

* Vehicles will be directed to park at Savich field, Gibson House, Indian Springs Country Club and the Marlton Assembly of God. 

* Parking will begin at 7pm, please arrive as early as possible.  All parking for placard holders will close at 9pm.  If you arrive at a placard checkpoint after 9pm you will not be permitted to enter the parking areas.  There is NO designated parking for non-placard holders.     

* Handicap Parking – If you require handicap parking please notify the police officer at your placard checkpoint.  There are multiple designated parking areas for handicap parking. 

* We ask that you remain at your designated parking area.  The fireworks will be viewable from all of the dedicated parking locations. 

* Parking lot exiting. 
All vehicles parked at Savich field will exit east on Main Street (NO WESTBOUND TRAFFIC). 

All vehicles parked at the Gibson House will exit east on Main Street (NO WESTBOUND TRAFFIC). 

All vehicles parked at Indian Springs Country Club will exit and travel south on Elmwood Road (NO NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC). 

All vehicles parked at the Assembly of God will exit the parking lot onto Elmwood Road and travel north on Elmwood Road towards Rt. 70

Vehicles exiting the Heritage Development from Walden Road or Radnor Boulevard will be directed to turn west on Main Street.

During the parking lot exit timeframe, no vehicles will be permitted to enter the area of Savich Field, Gibson House, Indian Springs or the Marlton Assembly of God.  If you must drop off or pick up spectators, please do so in the area of Beeler Elementary School.  There will be several Police Officers detailed to this area. 

Click here for parking exit map