A Residential or Business Security Survey is a valuable tool used to identify and remedy areas vulnerable to criminal activity, creating a sense of safety, and reducing the opportunity for criminals to strike. Upon contacting the Evesham Police Department, one of our experienced police officers will set up an appointment to meet with you at your residence or business.  The officer will tour your location and ask detailed questions in order to get a complete understanding of your security needs.  During this process, the officer will evaluate lighting, shrubbery, locks, and security procedures among other things.  Although the officers will make recommendations, he or she will not endorse or recommend specific companies. Recommendations may be made to improve the security of your home or business. There are no obligations to the resident or business owner to perform any of the recommendations.
The survey is free to Evesham residents and business owners. It generally takes less than an hour. Registration can be done online by clicking the link below. Once you have completed and submitted the registration form, a representative of the Evesham Police Department will be in contact with you to schedule your appointment.
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