Officer of the Month for March
Officer Dave Petersen has been a member of the Evesham Police Department for 12 years. Ofc. Petersen is being commended for his investigative skills and commitment to making the township a safer place.

On March 27, 2017, Ptl. Dave Petersen responded to a neighborhood inside the Kings Grant development for a disturbance involving 4 adults and a small child. Through Ofc. Petersen's investigation it was learned that three females attempted to kidnap a child that one of them had in common with a male. The child was currently living with the male in Marlton and the child's mother and two of her friends orchestrated a plan to travel from Philadelphia to illegally take possession of the young child.
While the male was walking with his child, two of the females, both unknown to the male, drove by the male and drew his attention to them by asking him for directions. While he was distracted, the child's mother attempted to physically remove the child from the stroller and place the child in a car. At this time the male became aware of what was occurring and took hold of his daughter. Police arrived and the child was safely removed from the situation and all parties were separated.
A detailed investigation and interviews by Ptl. Dave Petersen revealed the three females had planned to kidnap the infant. The female parent was charged with Criminal Attempt-Kidnapping while the two female accomplices were charged with Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping. All females were lodged in Burlington County Jail.