The Patrol Bureau as in any police agency is the backbone of our service.  Officers assigned to this Bureau respond to dispatched calls through the 911 system, and through our Intelligence Led Policing Function they direct their patrol efforts at reducing the incidents of disorder and crime.  The Patrol Bureau is comprised of four Platoons of officers with two supplemental patrol squads that provide an increased number of available police officers during the time identified as our highest need for officers based on work analysis.  Each Platoon is comprised of two squads of officers each headed by a Sergeant.  These officers provide round the clock police service to the Township of Evesham in a committed and effective manner.

The Patrol Bureau responds to all calls for service – criminal complaints (both in progress and past tense), motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, fire calls, quality of life/neighborhood issues and reports of suspicious activity.  Patrol Officers conduct preventative patrols, secure crime scenes, conduct minor investigations, apprehend suspects at in progress crimes, investigate motor vehicle accidents, provide traffic control, render emergency aid to the injured and investigate suspicious activities.

The Patrol Bureau is commanded by Lieutenant Jason Siitonen and Lieutenant Justin Graff, each of whom are responsible for 3 Patrol Platoons. 

Lieutenant Justin Graff serves as the Patrol Bureau Commander for Platoon C and Platoon D, as well as Power Shift B. Lieutenant Graff is responsible for the operations of his Platoons, which consists of approximately 30 sworn members and 2 K9 teams. Lieutenant Graff has been with the Evesham Police Department since 2004. Prior to joining the Evesham Police Department, Lieutenant Graff was a Police Officer with the Linwood Police Department for 1.5 years. Lieutenant Graff has a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services from Thomas Edison University. Prior to serving as a Patrol Bureau Commander, Lieutenant Graff was a Detective and Patrol Bureau Sergeant.

Lieutenant Jason Siitonen serves as the Patrol Bureau Commander for Platoon A and Platoon B, as well as Power Shift A. Lieutenant Siitonen is responsible for the operations of his Platoons, which consists of approximately 30 sworn members and 2 K9 teams. Lieutenant Siitonen began his law enforcement career in 1997, serving with the following agencies:  Sea Isle City Police, Gibbsboro Police, Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Phoenix (AZ) Police Department.  Lieutenant Siitonen joined the Evesham Police Department in 2003, and has served in the following capacities:  Patrol Officer, Detective, Intelligence Analyst, Patrol Sergeant, and Proactive Patrol Unit Supervisor.  Lieutenant Siitonen attended LaSalle University and Rowan University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law/Justice.