The Evesham Police Department K9 Unit was established in 2000 with the purchase of 3 police canines from Holland.  The 3 original officers were Ptl. Matt Divito, Ptl. Joseph Friel, and Ptl. Thomas Reinholt.  These officers attended New Castle County Police Dept K9 Academy from Sept 2000 to April 2001.  All three officers graduated from the K9 academy in April 2001 with their new K9 partners, K9 Aggo (Divito), K9 Justice (Friel), and K9 Luke (Reinholt).  All three canines were trained dual purpose and began patrolling the streets of Evesham soon after.  K9 Justice and K9 Luke were dual trained in narcotics/patrol and K9 Aggo was bomb/patrol.  In 2003 a fourth canine was added to the unit and Ptl. Marc Scambia was assigned as the handler.  In 2004, Ptl. Scambia and K9 Dyos graduated from the New Castle County Police Department K9 Academy as a narcotics/patrol canine team.  These original 4 canine teams had an immediate impact in the fight against crime.  K9 Justice apprehended a burglary suspect who ran from the WaWa on Marlton Pike after attempting to break into the ATM.  K9 Aggo apprehended two burglary suspects, that had run from a residence, after tracking them thru the sod fields in Lumberton and K9 Luke apprehended a burglary suspect who had run from police in Mt.Holly.

Over the past 18 years, members of the Evesham Police Dept K9 Unit have assisted numerous local, county, state, and federal agencies with assignments ranging from missing person searches, dignitary protection, narcotic investigations, and high risk warrants.  The K9 teams have assisted in the seizure of numerous cars, houses, and US currency since their inception and continue to this day. 

The current members of the Evesham Police Dept K9 Unit are Ptlm. Borden/K9 Spike, Ptlm. Hickman/K9 EZ, Ptlm. Goess/K9 Tango and Ptlm. Czyzewski/K9 Moose.