The Internal Affairs Bureau of the Evesham Township Police Department is responsible for the quality of law enforcement services the department provides.  Citizen confidence in the integrity of the police department increases through the establishment of meaningful and effective complaint procedures. It is the policy of the police department to investigate all complainants of alleged misconduct or wrongdoing of any employee of the agency. A through and impartial examination of the factual information regarding a complaint will be made in every investigation. Complaints are accepted anytime and can be made in person, over the phone, or in writing. Complaints can also be made anonymously or by a third person. The Internal Affairs Bureau is commanded by Lieutenant Joseph Friel 

Lieutenant Joseph Friel serves as the Patrol Bureau Commander.Lieutenant Friel has been with the Evesham Police Department since 1998. Prior to that he served 1 year with the Pitman Borough Police Department.  He attended the Gloucester County College and is currently working on his Bachelors.

Prior to his appointment to the Internal Affairs Bureau, Lieutenant Friel served as supervisor of the Investigative Bureau for 3 years and Patrol Bureau for 3 years.  He also served 6 years as a K-9 handler, with his K9 partner Justice.

The Internal Affairs Staff of the Evesham Township Police Department is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that members of this department meet the highest standards of professionalism and are responsive to the needs and concerns of the public they serve.  The Internal Affairs Staff is responsible for thoroughly investigating complaints from the public regarding officer performance both individually and collectively.

If you wish to comment on the performance of an Evesham Township Police Officer,positively or negatively please click here.


How do I file a complaint against an Officer or Employee of the Police Department?

Complaints will be accepted in person, by telephone, by letter or email. It is preferred that the complaint be made in person by the individual who is directly involved in the allegation against the Evesham Township Police Department employee, so we can ascertain as much information as possible to effectively investigate the complaint. 

What happens when the investigation is concluded?

Once the investigation is concluded, you will be advised of the outcome in written form. Complaints from the public, whether substantiated or not, increase the awareness of the leadership of this agency to actual or potential problems, as well as the perceptions of the community. This feedback will ultimately assist in determining whether the mission statement and goals of this agency are being attained.


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